Intern & International Transportation

   Avant Travel & Transport Office from Constanta has a bachelor in transportation issued by the ARR (Romanian Road Authority).
The Company has the latest generation of minibuses and intercity buses.
These buses are utilized for the purposes of the tourism packages and also for renting.
Our team of drivers is formed by professionals, focused on delivering the best service for our clients.
For renting a minibus or a coach, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the email address:

Relaxation Massage

  Divert Relax is the no 1profesional company in Romania in the Wellness Industry.Fim the desire to be the best companyfocuses on delivering On-seat Chair Massage at the higest standards.
Established in 2002, Divert Relax is located in Constanta,Tomis street,146 no,bl TD3A ,parter.has over 9 teraphists and is constantly expanding due to his clients growing needs.
Tipes of massage
Back massage,breast massage,facial massage,foot massage,head massage,neck pain massage, reflexoteraphy,
Stone terapy,swidish massage,body massage,SPA massage,besch massage.
Chair massage benefit at events
There was invented something that really makes you,wish for any break after you seat down and you were concentrated during the conference.It’s a very inspired choise for the next events.
Chair massage at the office
The emploees that are offered the regular massage
Fell less stressed and more productive at the work place one think definitely brings a plus to the company,for the productivity and for reducing the number of medical releases.