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One day trip to the aquarium in Tulcea

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The aquarium in the city of Tulcea or the Danube Delta Ecotourism Museum Center is an objective not to be missed. It is home to the largest aquariums and the most complex museum in the country. This is a section of the Eco-Museum Research Institute “Gavrilă Simion” and was established in 2009. It is part of the cultural center of Tulcea, combining the museum with the natural in a harmonious way. Before, the institution was called “Danube Delta Natural Science Museum”, and after it was modernized, it received a new name. Here you can get in direct contact with the aquatic universe of the natural and socio-cultural heritage of the Danube Delta, which the center also promotes, being one of the main goals. You will notice sharks, corals, fish, turtles, but also other interesting specimens, the aquarium having over 50 species of aquatic creatures.

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Wearing a mask is mandatory for access to passenger transport vehicles, as well as throughout the journey. When boarding-disembarking, passengers will mentain a minimum safety distance from each other.

The driver will be provided with a protective mask.

Constanta CFR Train station

  • Transport by minibus / bus
  • Tourist assistance
  • Visit the Tulcea Aquarium
  • Fish delights
  • Accommodation on the boat

Fees or Costs of access to entertainment extractions within the program.

Departures every day, on request, for groups of at least 24 people.

600 people maximum


Prices starting from

30 €

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